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For these age categories it’s all about development. Coaching wise we are looking at developing the following skills:

  • 1v1
  • running with the ball,
  • striking
  • first touch.

Experience wise we are looking to develop mateship and sportsman like qualities. All players are graded into three levels and no matter what level you are we aim to give you a great experience. The club insists that all volunteer coaches are FQ Certified (Grassroots or Skill Trainer) to ensure we are instilling the correct curriculum and each player receiving the same football input.

To further their development all New Farm players (boys and girls) in this age group are encouraged to attend the New Farm Academy.

U8 to U11 MiniRoos

Matches start at varying times during Saturday morning. A full 20 fixture schedule is available a week before the season commences. This is provided through Football Brisbane. Games are home and away (within our local area). Teams are coached by parent volunteers or by a coach provided by the club. The coaches are all vetted and selected by the club and recieve on going in house training throughout the season, as well as a Blue Card. Training times depend on field space and coach availability. Teams usually train once per week for 1 hour. We try to keep teams from the previous season together and add new faces into squads where vacancies appear. Referees are in house and organised by the club.

U8 to U9 MiniRoos

Playing formats as follows:
  • 7 v 7
  • goalkeepers
  • 2 x 20 minute halves
  • unlimited interchange
  • size 3 ball

The U8 age category is NOT graded. New Farm usually combines U8 and U9 girls to play in all leagues that commences from U9.

The U9 Boys age category is soft graded. Meaning the competition is split into:

  • Gecko (Beginner)
  • Goanna (Intermediate)
  • Komodo (Advanced)

U10 to U11 MiniRoos

There are three levels of grading:

  • Gecko (Beginner/social players)
  • Goanna (Intermediate/above average)
  • Komodo (Advanced skill level and ability)

Playing formats as follows:

  • 9 v 9
  • 2 x 25 minute halves
  • unlimited interchange
  • size 4 ball

Match officials for U10 & U11 are provided by the club.

Coaching Focus

Motor Skills Development
With or without a ball, the children will be challenged in through gross-motor skill movement.
This element is important not just for football, but for life in general. The one-legged stand has never been so much fun, with and without the ball.
The very essence of movement should be an integral part of each session. Basic skills such as running, jumping, turning and twisting are to be introduced. Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination are developed which are integral for all sports.
Introduction to Stretching, Exercise and Health Benefits
Full body stretches are not advocated, but rather there is an introduction to such activities to educate the children on the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

Basic Football Skills
The skills are introduced in a fun and relaxed manner. By introducing the information in a gradual and exciting way, the children are learning the basic fundamentals under the guise of having fun.
We seek to instil an understanding of good sportsmanship and respectful conduct on and off the pitch. The program aims to develop good athletes who accept winning and losing in the same spirit and manner. Throughout all training and games, there is a focus on showing a “respect for all players and officials”.
Fun through Gameplay
After several weeks of sessions and practice the concept of a game becomes instinctive in the participant’s football development. Simple throw-ins and goal-kicks skills are taught, but they are encouraged to have fun and permitted to learn through play. Participation and having fun is the key element we are seeking to promote.

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