We have teams for boys and girls, men and women across all age groups. Find out more about our club and your team here. To sign up, go to the Registration Page. Contact the club with any questions: clubadmin@newfarmsoccer.com.au

–    Game shorts $25 (required as part of match uniform)
–    Red club socks $15 (required as part of match uniform)
–    Red Club training shirt $15 (optional but most players wear this to training)
–    Shin pads $10-15 from the Club but you can buy elsewhere if you prefer
–    Second-hand boots $5 (limited sizes available) – otherwise boots can be purchased at most sports stores

On a match day, you will be handed a Match jersey from the kit bag (looked after by the Team Manager). These are kept as a kit and washed each week by a rostered parent. This means playing jersey do not need to be purchased as they are owned by the Club.

As a parent you are expected to:
–    Let your Team Manager know if your child can’t make it to training or a game
–    Be encouraging and supportive of your child, your child’s team and all players and volunteers at the Club
–    Adhere to the Parents’ Code of Conduct
–    Help with team duty twice a season. This consists of around 4 hours of work over the course of the season; that can involve helping set up or pack down fields, assisting in the canteen or similar.

Age-group is based on the age turned in the current calendar year. i.e. If you turn 8 any time in 2019 you will be in Under-8.

This means that children in the same grade at school may be in different age groups for their teams.

Occasionally players can play up an age group, but this will need to be approved by the Club.

Find out more about the teams expected across the age-groups in 2019.

Yes, however it has been our experience that most girls prefer to play in all girls teams leading to higher enjoyment, connection with team mates and player retention.

In our in house U6 and U7 leagues our all girls teams play against other girls and boys teams.

In girls age groups of U8 and over our girls generally move to all girls leagues formed by other local clubs.


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