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Always assume the match is going ahead unless you hear directly from your Team Manager or the Club.

Home Games field closure on competition days will be advised through our Facebook page
Players who are injured and/or bleeding should be removed from the play immediately. A First Aid Kit and ice packs are kept inside the clubhouse in the Canteen.
Match jerseys are supplied to each Team by the Club for use by players on match days only. All match jerseys must be returned to the Team Manager/Kit Bag at the conclusion of every match.
All Players, parents and spectators should be familiar with the applicable club code of conduct. Players should also be aware of the rules of play. These can be found in Club Policies
All Club locations are available on the Football Brisbane website.

We recommend that you use your match fixture link to source Club location as it will include the field number your team will be playing on.

Most junior teams train one afternoon a week for one hour, usually dependent on when the coach is available. All players are encouraged to bring a water bottle to training sessions.

For teams from U8 through to Seniors, Team Managers, players and parents will be able to access their own team fixtures on the Football Brisbane page under Fixtures.

U6/U7 In House Team fixtures will be set up by our Club Fixture Controller and sent out to team managers.
If you find any lost property on the fields or around the Clubhouse after matches or training please check with your team members first and then advise your Team Manager what you have found if it is not claimed. Any lost property which is found and not claimed should be left in the marked “Lost Property” box in the main room of the Clubhouse. It is up to parents to check this box for lost items.

At the end of each season, all unclaimed lost property will be donated to local charities (or disposed of).


Match Jerseys

Match jerseys are supplied to each Team by the Club for use by players on match days only. Jerseys are not allocated to players for the season and players are not allowed to take them home after the match. All match jerseys must be returned to the Team Manager/Kit Bag at the conclusion of every match.

The Team Manager is responsible for organising washing of the team’s jerseys after each match and they may choose to do this via a parent/player weekly roster.

Please wash jerseys in cold water and turn inside out while drying to minimise fading.   Do not tumble dry.

The team kit including jerseys, balls and bibs are the property of the Club and must be returned at the end of the playing season.

Match Uniform

Match Jersey – Red, White & Green — provided by the Club
Club Shorts – QSF approved — Bottle Green for U6-U11, White for older players
Club Socks – QSF approved — All Red; Sock and Top
Shin Pads – These are compulsory … a player cannot train or play without shin pads.

​Football Boots – Moulded soles are less trouble and gentler on the feet.

Failure to wear approved shorts and socks will result in the Club being fined.

Failure to wear shin pads will mean the player cannot take the field for training or for fixtures.

Second Hand Boots

“Swap ‘n Go” second hand boots available at the Clubhouse : The Club encourages all families to donate their used boots to the Club. You are able to swap your used boots for another pair at no charge or if you don’t have boots to donate you can purchase second-hand boots for $5 a pair.

Uniform Pricing
Shorts, socks and shin pads are available for purchase from our Canteen. Also available from our Canteen are our Club Shirts worn to training and matches.
Club Shorts
Club Socks
Shin Pads
$ 25.00
$ 15.00
From $8.00 to $16.00

The Club also has a range of off-field apparel including:

  • Club T-Shirt   $15.00  (Most young players use this for training, but it is not official uniform)
  • Club Polo       $28.00
  • Club Caps      $13.00
  • Club Jacket    $42.00


Training days

Most junior teams train one afternoon a week for one hour, usually dependent on when the coach is available. If there are afternoons when you can’t do training, please let us know when you sign up and we will try to sort you into a suitable team.

The good news is, most coaches will offer up a choice of day, which will be negotiated by the parents.

Komodos teams will train twice a week.

The length of training sessions generally increases as teams move into the competitive age groups, with many of the older teams training twice a week.


Please let your coach or manager know if you can’t make it to training.

What to Wear

Junior teams have access to the red club training shirt, green shorts and red socks, and please use shin pads and soccer boots for safety. We encourage our Coaches to enforce a “no shin pads, no play” rule for both training and matches. 

Wet Weather Training

If it is rainy, it is up to your Coach and Manager to decide if you will go ahead with training. Your Manager will let you know. If the field is wet, please avoid playing on the muddy areas.

Holiday Training

Most junior teams train only during school term (unless the last day of term), even on weeks where there is no scheduled game. Whether training continues during school holidays is completely up to the coach. As your child progresses they may be required to attend training during school holidays to ensure their skill level increases appropriately.

Teams are welcome to train during the school holidays Coaches and Managers may even like to contact other teams to arrange a fun game or train together.

Use of Training Equipment

U8+ Teams are allocated team balls, kept in cages in the equipment room. Coaches are welcome to use any other equipment (ie poles, goals, hurdles, ladders, bibs, etc) from the Club equipment room. Each team has a designated training kit. If you have equipment requirements or are interested in getting specialist training equipment, the coach or manager can contact the club admin.

However, please be mindful to:

  • Only take out what you need so that there is enough equipment to go around
  • Return equipment to its original location after training sessions
  • Keep the equipment room as neat and tidy as possible
  • Ensure children do not play in the equipment room
  • Inform the club if you notice that equipment is broken

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