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NFUSC 2019

We are a friendly, community club with a focus on creating playing opportunities for people of all ages and levels of experience. We have teams for all players aged 4+ through to senior players. We invite everyone to come play.

Two register to play with NFUSC you must complete the three step registration process.

Please get in contact if you require any assistance with the registration process.

  • Step 1: Register on New Farm Majestri (Sign on Day)
  • Step 2: Register on PlayFootball
  • PlayFootball Help
  • Cost
  • Registration Fee Assistance

This can be completed by attending Sign On Day.  At this day you will be automoaticallt set up and registered with New Farm United Soccer Club.

If you are unable to attend Sign On Day, please use this link to register online through Majestri. 

After you have registered to play through New Farm Majestri, step 2 requires registration with the PlayFootball website run by the FFA.

Don’t worry if you can’t find your FFA number, PlayFootball does not require this.

Step 1. 

  • After clicking “Register Now” you will see different options for different age groups. The best option is to select Youth Football which will enable you to proceed to the next step.

Step 2.

  • Select Postcode as 4005
  • A map will pop up. Find New Farm and click “Find Out More”.

Step 3.

  • Click “Start My Registration” and then “Get Started” followed by “ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT”
  • Use your old “My Football Club” login information or use the “Forgot Password” function if you can’t remember.
Once you are registered and logged into PlayFootball
Step 4. 
  • You may see duplicate names for you and/or your family members. You can chose to link them all by following the prompts.

Step 5. 

  • Choose “PRODUCT SELECT”Club: New Farm United Junior Soccer Club
    Role: Player (you can also use this to register yourself as a coach or team manager under Volunteer)
    Football Type: Club Football
    Playing Level: CommunityFind your correct level and click “Select”

Step 6. 

  • Now you will see a summary of fees. These should have already paid these fees within the Majestri system, so this fee will be automatically set to $0.00.
  • If you have not paid in Majestri yet, please attend a Sign On day or contact us to arrange payment.
  • Select “Continue”
  • Review all details and fill in any gaps. ​

Step 7.

  • Photo Upload Mandatory for all U12+ players
  • This is so that on match day, any team has the ability to check the identity of any opposing player(s) via the virtual match sheet.
  • Any player without a player photo in PlayFootball will be deemed ineligible.

Step 8. 

  • Terms and conditions and you’re done!
  • Follow the next few pages and you’re done!
  • No payment required, but please make sure to register on Sign On Day to complete Step 1 of the registration process.

What is PlayFootball?

PlayFootball replaces MyFootballClub from 2018. It is the second step of registration that is required to be certified under FFA and Football Brisbane. They cover your player insurance and manage referees and organise all the fixtures so this is a huge part of soccer.

Players are not activated and will not be allowed to play until PlayFootball registration has occured, and payments in Majestri have been made or payment plans set up. Contact Us if you need further assistance.

How much does registration cost?

New Farm United Soccer Club
2019 Player Registration Fees

MiniRoos In-House (U6 & U7)            – $345
MiniRoos (U8 to U11)                         – $345
Junior Competitive (U12-U16)            – $412
Under 18                                             – $505
Under 20                                             – $520
Senior Women City League                – $550
Senior Men City League                     – $550
Senior Men Capital 1                          – $650
Over 35 Men (TBC)                             – $418
Junior Player Family Discount             – $  25 (for 2nd and subsequent players)

Fee Assistance 
We understand that there are a lot of expense for families at the beginning of the year. There are a number of ways you can reach out for registration fee reductions and help with purchasing uniforms.

New Farm United Soccer Club offers payment plans so you can pay for registration over the season rather than as a lump sum. You can choose this on the registration web-page using Majestri​.

Register with a Payment Plan

The Queensland Government has Get Playing Vouchers that can be used towards the cost of player participation in sport. Applications for these vouchers open on 6 February and families can get more information below:

Get Playing Vouchers

New Farm United Soccer Club also has a limited number of fee relief packages valued at $80 and uniform relief packages valued at $50 for juniors. This is entirely confidential to the Club Executive.​​​​

Club Fee Relief Package

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