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U6 & U7 is an introduction to Football. A modified game is played to maximise touches on the ball and prepare our young soccer players for a life-long love of the game. These ages are focused on fun and maximum involvement.

Basic Rules:

  • 20 minute halves
  • Each team has 4 players on the field, no goal keepers, 3 subs max
  • Substitute any time
  • Retreat to half way with a “dribble-ins” (modified)
  • No throw ins, dribble in
  • Players to stand 5m back from “dribble-ins” (side-line re-starts)
  • No corner kicks, goal kick every time
  • One game leader (coach) from each team on the field during play, mainly to encourage FUN!

​When/Where are the games?
Games are all played on Saturday morning, at New Farm United Soccer Club.

The Game Leader is usually the Coach
Each team is responsible for organising a game leader for the match. This will typically be your coach so if your coach is away/unavailable you should ensure that you have another parent organised to take on this role on match day. Team coaches could share the task.

The main role of the Game Leader – FUN!
Keeping the game moving fluently is the main role. Limit stoppages and assist players with all match re-starts. Most importantly, they must make every effort to create an environment that ensures that all players have fun, are learning the game and have maximum involvement.

Coaches from each team needs to communicate to each other as well as to the players.
Speak to the other coach and decide well before the game starts how it will run, especially regarding the rule where opponents must retreat to the half-way line. This will ensure rules are followed. Just make sure the kids understand what’s going on when it’s goal kick time, clearly and loudly so everyone is clear.

Goal Kicks – Modified
Regardless of which team touched the ball last, a player from the team whose goal line the ball has crossed (the defensive team) will place the ball anywhere along the goal line and dribble the ball into play.

Opponents must retreat to the half way line and can move once the ball is in play. 
The ball must touch a team mate before a goal can be scored.

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